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Stay comfortable in your car in summer and ensure you can quickly defog your windows through winter.
Air conditioning leaks release gas into the ozone and have concerning environment consequence. We use quality air con gas and ensure that we manage this in a responsible manner.

We treat vehicle air conditioning like any other essential part of the cars we care for. Using our vehicle expertise, combined with the latest in diagnostic and car ac service equipment, to ensure that it is working at its best. Our trained technicians understand how to take your vehicle apart correctly to allow for any necessary vehicle air conditioning repairs. We can quickly identify the issue, carry out the car ac repair or service and then clear the faults. We can also often save you time and money by carrying out the air conditioning re-gas and servicing while your vehicle is in the workshop undergoing other work.


  • Vehicle air conditioning repairs
  • Car heating repairs
  • Car air conditioning regas
  • Car air conditioning servicing

If you think your car air conditioning needs servicing or repairs, talk to the team about how we can help.

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